With no deposit required & no interest charged this is an offer to good to refuse. 

Back Order

Sometimes we sell out,  but specific items will be available to purchase on back order. We will confirm time frames to ensure you are happy to proceed with your order (Allow 2 - 4 weeks)



Custom Order

Don't see anything you like or missed out on an item we used to stock? No stress, flick us an email & we will work with you to create a special custom order. The approximate time frame for custom orders is 3 to 4 weeks (this may vary depending on time of the year). There are no returns on custom orders.

Product Care

  • Leather is natural and colour variations and marks in the hide are not considered faults. Leather is soft & breathable and this material will age naturally over time. Colour & texture will naturally fade & change showing the true beauty of leather and making each piece individual.
  • The longevity of leather products & vegan leather products will depend on many different factors how often it is used, exposure to sunlight, humidity & moisture during use & while being stored. We recommend to store your products in a clean condition, in the dust bag that is provided in a cool dry place which is not affected by the elements so no direct sunlight or moisture.
  • Do not leave shoes, bags or accessories in extreme heat like direct sunlight or in a hot car or exposed to water as this can damage your product. The natural elements can cause polyurethane to crack, leather will lose its natural oils & glues will deteriorate. If your purchase has been subject to water wipe down with a dry soft cloth and allow to dry naturally away from direct sunlight.
  • Do your best to handle your products with clean hands & to maintain your products always use a clean damp soft cloth. Prior to cleaning & protecting your products we recommend to complete a small test patch in an inconspicuous place.